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Wrinkling is comprised of three parts:

• The skin component 
• The underlying muscle component 
• The subcutaneous fat component

1. Facial Skin

As facial skin ages, it thins out and becomes dry, fragile and lines appear with age. Oxidation and free radicals directly attack collagen molecules which become rigid and lose their elasticity.

AGE (Advanced Glycation End products) is another cause of aging. Glycation occurs when sugar molecules cross-link (bond) with skin collagen making the collagen more rigid and less elastic.

Creating harmful metabolic end products, glycation is a haphazard process that impairs the proper functioning of molecules. Glycation is directly involved in protein degradation which results in the signs of aging. AGE in cells contributes to the formation of free radicals, resulting in even more oxidative damage.

Collagen, a long-lived protein, is especially vulnerable to AGE formation and damage due to its slow turnover rate. Mega doses of a spectrum of high quality antioxidants can help counteract free radical damage and AGE.

2. Facial Muscles

It's interesting to note that muscles don't generate wrinkles anywhere else on the body except on the face. Facial muscles are unique. They are the only ones in the body that attach to bone and skin. All of the other muscles originate on a bone and attach to a bone, which makes movement possible. Every time we make an expression (e.g. smile, squint, frown) our facial muscles pull on our skin from underneath making a wrinkle. Younger skin has enough elasticity to go back into place after each expression, but as skin ages and collagen breaks down, the skin yields to the pulling force and develops a wrinkle.

3. Fat Loss

Fat loss may be welcome everywhere on the body - except from the neck up. As we age our facial skin loses fat from the central parts of our face. The loss of this fat from this area seems to accelerate our aging. As the fat lessens, our eyes and cheeks appear older. Our features lose definition and laugh lines, and crow's feet begin to appear.


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